Student room survey

Student room survey

A fire-safe student room

Smoke detectors and a practiced escape plan ensure that you and your roommates can leave the house in time in the event of a fire. Ask your landlord for the fire prevention report. In case of doubt, it is best to contact the housing department of the municipality or the prevention department of your fire department.

Your student days are the best time of your life. Don’t let it go up in smoke…

Some students testify:

Lieselotte (19) has her doubts about the prevention measures in her room. “My landlord has never said anything about prevention. In principle we are not allowed to smoke, but it is done. The smoke detector is broken and my landlord never comes for a check-up.” There is a fire escape ladder in Lieselotte’s room, but she has her doubts whether it would lead her to a safe place. source VRT

Rachelle (21) rents a student room in the center of Brussels. She believes that her landlord has taken sufficient measures in the field of fire safety. “We were given a tour during which the landlord showed all the smoke detectors. There are some in every room and every hallway. There are also several fire extinguishers available on each floor. There are even emergency exit signs,” says the student. source VRT

Joppe (26) shares a room with some friends in Molenbeek. He did not consciously pay attention to fire safety, but rather to the price and location of his student residence. “In the event of a fire, I wouldn’t immediately know which route to take to get out safely,” he says. source VRT

Is your student room fire-safe?

You can check yourself whether your room is fireproof. You can also ensure that the risks of fire are as little as possible. We mainly think of forgetting the pot on the stove, the party candles in your room, the electric bicycle/step that is charging in the entrance hall, the smartphone that is charging at night in bed, …

Together we ensure more (fire) safety in the rooms!

Are you a student?

Are you getting a student room for the first time or have you been living there for several years? Very often you don’t realize the importance of (fire) safety. On the basis of the survey below, we want to learn more about the (fire) safety in your room. Based on this anonymous data, we can learn how safe students live today.

The survey


These partners support the survey and, after evaluation, will start working with the data. Together we want to ensure (fire) safe student rooms.

Do you also want to support this survey? Provide us your info together with your logo.

For more details about this survey: – 0478/65 44 03

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